Kagami Studio

What is Kagami Studio?

Quick Solution Launcher

Kagami Studio is an AI-powered quick-launch ERP platform, which can help you create custom software solutions and apps that fit your business processes, in a remarkably short time, i.e. within a few weeks.

Overcome Traditional Blockades

The Kagami Studio has been built with a goal to overcome the limitations in the traditional and monolithic ERP platforms and provide a superior customer experience.

Build to your Need

With Kagami, building industry-agnostic software solutions becomes easy, without incurring a heavy cost of customization. Kagami's AI-powered programming engine uses historical learning and best practices to automate the launch of apps.

Kagami Studio - Speed of Innovation

Visual Auto-coding

Kagami (meaning 'mirror' in Japanese) is a visual auto-code platform that needs just a few business analysts to define the processes, roles and transactions in your organization in the form of Work-flows.


The goal of these work flows could be as small as a single job execution, to as complex as the functioning of a department or even the entire organization.

The Mirror Effect

While the workflows are being formulated by the business analysts in the studio, the software logic, the trasactional calculations and the user interface are auto generated in the back-end as a 'mirror effect', making the software solution an digital replication of your business processes.

Facets of Kagami


Deploy in the cloud to easily build, operate and maintain your applications.


Extend the ERP functionality to mobile and explore mobility benefits like anywhere-business


Integrate easily with your pre-existing software, favorite business productivity apps, open-source and communication apps


Get your team trained and well versed with the functionality that you have adopted for your organization and boost their performance


Reach out to Kagami Care for quick support to trouble shoot your road blocks


Engage with Kagami Studio developers, enthusiasts and other users to exchnage ideas and share your knowledge and experience

Talk to us to explore the deep functionality and value Kagami studio has on offer for your business
"We are a fast moving cement manufacturing company with unique needs as an organisation. When we looked at some ERP solutions off the shelf, they all looked OK but were very traditional and quite distant from our organisation's functioning. Which meant that we would have to spend a lot of time and money to customize them to fit to our processes. When we reviewed Kagami, we were quite amazed and captivated by its Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning based quick solution launcher. The end result - we were able to get our own processes digitally transformed and automated in just a few weeks."
Manubhai J. Patel
Former Chairman, Diamond Cements Group

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